Cervical Cancer can affect any woman who has a cervix and has had vaginal sexual intercourse, even if its once. Although, some people are more at risk of developing the disease more than others, such people include: persons with several sexual partners, early age at first sexual intercourse, early marriage, persons with other sexually transmitted disease, cigarette smokers and women who gave birth to five or more children.

Current statistics reveal that the prevalence rate of cervical cancer has increased so much so that 751 women die every day from cervical cancer and more than 80 percent of these deaths come from the Sub-Saharan African. In Nigeria today, 14,000 to 20,000 new cases are diagnosed every year while 9,659 deaths occur every year translating to the loss of 26 women every day!!!

Though this disease is preventable through the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccination, the prevalence rate of cervical cancer has not reduced in Nigeria because of the following reasons:

• Lack of awareness about Cervical Cancer and the need for the HPV vaccine for its prevention; unlike other vaccines that are commonly advertised and administered during childhood period.

• • Though available locally, the HPV vaccine (required for the prevention of cervical cancer) has NOT been incorporated into the National Program on immunization, like others vaccines given to children at the early stages of their lives

• The cost of the vaccine, which is mostly available at private hospitals or pharmacies normally cost about a N30,000 or more and as such unaffordable by many.

Presently, this vaccine is mandatory for young girls from the age of 12 in the UK and 9 in the US. Research has shown that this has resulted in reduced incidences of cervical cancer cases in such countries, while Nigeria still records 9,659 known cases of death from cervical cancer every year! Medical research has also shown that Cervical Cancer is the No.1 killer disease of women in Africa, closely followed by Breast Cancer.

To combat this scourge of cervical cancer in women, it is essential that our young girls are made aware and protected by immunization with the HPV VACCINE.

Chosen Vessels Empowerment Foundation a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) established to impact lives positively through mentoring, empowerment and education of the public on health issues, particularly as it relates to women and the girl child; has embarked on an awareness campaign and immunization project since 2013 tagged "protect our girls from cervical cancer"

To achieve the objectives for this project CVEF:

- Has visited secondary schools in Lagos state (public and private) and given awareness talks free of charge to young girls and their parents about the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) as a sexually transmitted disease, and its connections to cervical cancer later in women.

- Has raised funds for the full immunization of girls aged between 10 -15 years in public schools through the kind donations and sponsorships of philanthropists and organizations who generously give towards this project. - Has produced and continue to produce information brochures to educate parents, young girls and the general public about HPV and its connection with cervical cancer later as women.

- Organises affordable Pap smears and cervical tests for women who are already sexually active to ascertain their status, knowing that early detection and intervention can be the difference between life and death.

- Organises annual well-woman seminars to educate women about general health and genealogical issues.

Since the inception of this project CVEF has immunized free of charge xxx number of girls (with parental consent) and reached a large number of mothers and daughters through our awareness programmes.

We want to do more to save the lives of our daughters because we believe that 'children are our future' and the girl child of today is not only the 'woman of tomorrow' but the 'womb of the nation'.

You can help us to do more by participating in any of our schemes

1. The Meal Deal: Under this scheme you can donate JUST N1500 (the cost of a meal) every month. In one year (12months), you would have paid for the immunization of one girl child.

2. Adopt -a-school Scheme: Through this scheme companies and organisations (corporate and religious) can adopt any public school of their choice in any part of the country and pay for the immunization of girls in the school annually. CVEF will go to the school, create the awareness free of charge and administer the vaccine

3. Mums-for-Daughters Scheme: Under this scheme, CVEF seeks 50 companies led or owned by female CEO's to raise funds for the immunization of about 3500 girls annually across Nigeria, as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) towards the eradication of cervical cancer in Nigeria.

Help us to protect our girls and eradicate cervical cancer in Nigeria one-girl-at-a-time!!!