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04 FEB

HPV Brochure

An introduction to the Human Papillomavirus a quiet killer of women, this brochure will educate you on everything you need to know to protect yourself.

HPV, Cervical Cancer, Women
04 FEB

Well Woman Magazine Edition 1

In our very first edition of the Well Woman Magazine, we tackle the silent causes of infertility, debunking some IVF myths and much more.

HPV, Cervical Cancer, Women
12 JUN

Well Woman Magazine Edition 2

In this edition we discuss the mental, physical and emotional side effects of bleaching, managing one's emotions and much more.

Wellness, Health, Emotions
08 OCT

Well Woman Magazine Edition 3

Edition 3 of our magazine lays an emphasis on mental health, we increasingly see a correlation between mental health and physical health. Don't miss this one!

Wellness, Health, Mental Health