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Titus 2 Mandate


The Titus 2 mandate is the CVEF mentoring programme. it is an initiative which provides the platform for older, mature and accomplished women from all works of life to mentor younger women in a dynamic, intentional and voluntary relationship of trust.

CVEF mentoring initiative has identified formal individual mentoring of women as a necessary tool to bridge the lacunae in birthing women as change agents in our nation.

The mentors share the knowledge and skills they have already obtained, are working to obtain and have right at their fingertips, in addition to living an exemplary life. They share their personal experiences, successes and pitfalls, thus empowering others to fulfil their purpose in life and consequently their destinies. It is about commitment, personal growth and development. it's more about learning than power.

The Well Woman


The ‘Well-Woman’ is the health initiative of CVEF. It seeks to create awareness, educate and empower women and girl children on health issues, providing intervention where necessary. This is done through the publication of the ‘Well-Woman’ Magazine - a quarterly full colour magazine that focuses on matters relating to the physical, spiritual and emotional well-being of women and girl children, distributed freely to women from all walks of life.

As part of our commitment to promoting women’s health and wellbeing under the Well-woman initiative, CVEF also organises an annual health seminar, employing the services of leading medical experts in related fields to educate women and provide opportunities for free consultation and intervention as much as possible.



The word Yeshivah, which in Jewish language literally means "sitting", is applied to the activity of a learning session, particularly for young people.

The CVEF Yeshivah is an academy aimed at developing young people for life, encouraging them to live Christo-centric lives, and leadership; maximising their potentials and fulfilling their purpose. This is achieved through teachings, empowerment, role-modelling and formal mentoring. Programmes are run during school vacation periods.

One Flesh


The ‘One Flesh’ ministry of CVEF is where we offer training and support to emotionally healthy couples who desire to make a difference and help other couples grow stronger and weather the storms in their marriage

In addition, the ‘One Flesh’ ministry offers a powerful, effective marriage mentoring training curriculum and support for churches to build a thriving, healthy marriage mentoring ministry through seminars, workshops, retreats and church consultations.