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Our Foundation has empowered women for the past 5 years
and we are just scratching the surface.

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CVEF History

Established since June 2012, Chosen Vessels Empowerment Foundation (CVEF) is a Non- Governmental organisation focuses on Lifestyle Mentoring of young women, Health awareness and Empowerment. Since 2013, CVEF has been at the forefront of awareness campaign and immunisation against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and its links with Cervical Cancer in future life. Our campaign has been taken to Teenage girls in schools (private & public), religious and youth gatherings, and till date we have immunised over 1000 girls (free of charge) and conducted over 2000 cervical screenings for women.

The CVEF ‘Well-woman’ seminars since 2013 have focused on:

  • IVF, Surrogacy & Adoption
  • Mental Health
  • Fibroids
  • Women's Health

What We Do


CVEF Lifestyle group mentoring programme for Young women and Teenagers equip individuals to deal with the challenges of life and provides them with wholistic training on how to face the diverse hurdles and responsibilities of life.

Mentors Training

CVEF trains individuals who are willing to serve as mentors to younger people or to couples as marriage mentors. Our training programmes equips participants with tools for establishing and running a Mentoring programme for individuals or for couples.

Health Awareness

Health is not just the absence of disease, but physical, mental & social well-being, including the interrelatedness of all areas of life. CVEF Well-Woman seminars and health awareness initiative focus on the wellbeing of the Spirit, Soul and Body of women & girls.


CVEF empowers women & the girl children through its mastermind connect group sessions, teen talks, networking opportunities and provision of access to relevant information for their professional and personal development.

Who We Are


To enrich, empower, and impact the lives of people, helping them to fulfil their dreams and purpose.


Being on the cutting edge of equipping and perfecting individuals for the fulfilment of their dreams and purpose through mentoring, teaching, coaching, modelling and empowerment.


  • Establishing fora for spiritual and physical empowerment, refuelling, rejuvenating and reclaiming self and relationship with God.
  • Coaching, Mentoring and providing opportunities for peer mentoring.
  • Employing social media, e-newsletters, web pages and publications to educate, inform and keep members up-to-date with events.
  • Publishing resources for equipping and edification of individuals.
  • Organising seminars, workshops and conferences for the support and equipping of individuals.


  • To offer training/spiritual guidance to prepare and support individuals to fulfil their life purpose.
  • To establish a network of individuals for the purpose of fellowship, mentoring and sharing of godly practice.
  • To harness the varied gifts in the kingdom for the purpose of developing thoroughly furnished and balanced individuals.
  • To mentor and coach individuals, encouraging them to pursue their dreams and achieve their God-given purpose.


Our slogan is - "Impacting Lives Intentionally"




CVEF welcomes support of its programmes through volunteering, advert sponsorship in magazines and publications, event sponsorship and collaborations, products and services support and cash donations.

Our Trustees