Daily Golden Verse

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Trials are designed to teach us so that our conduct and character changes. Hebrews 12:5-12:1T



CVEF is led by individuals who share the kingdom purpose of impacting the lives of others intentionally, empowering them.

Welcome to CVEF: providing support for the individual and the work of ministry through mentoring, training, fellowship, personal and spiritual development

equip for accountable leadership

CVEF is establishing a network of individuals for the purpose of fellowship, mentoring and sharing of godly practice. Providing exemplary leadership through members

CVEF through its fellowship programmes, seeks to continually create awareness and educate individuals on the prospering of the body and soul

Being on the cutting edge of equipping and perfecting individuals for the work of the ministry and for life, towards impacting others.

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In this new age of globalization, young girls and women now face greater challenges to their health. Old diseases are changing and becoming increasingly difficult to treat ...

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For this maiden edition we have chosen to zero in on Assisted Reproductive Therapy (ART), a very controversial issue in this part of the world. As we prepared for our annual wellwoman seminar ...

CVEF makes it a priority to persistently present platforms creating awareness, counselling and educating the public on health issues particularly as it relates to women and the girl child.

RT @debola_atoyebi @cvef young people shared testimonies from retreat. 7 saved and baptized! @swbts spirit of evangelism and outreach is contagious. cvef missionary
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