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Welcome to Chosen Vessels Empowerment Foundation,
Impacting lives intentionally

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to enrich and empower individuals
to fulfil their dreams and purpose

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to equip and mentor individuals
to be useful in the society at large.

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Our Journal

We strive to continously create awareness and educate
women via our articles and magazines.

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Who We Are

We are a Non- Governmental organization established to enrich the lives of others, specifically Women and Young people, equip and empower for growth, leadership, and accountability, through modelling, mentoring, teaching, coaching, modelling and empowerment.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich, empower, and impact the lives of ordinary people, we strive to help them to fulfil their dreams and purpose

Our Vision

Being on the cutting edge of equipping and perfecting individuals for the fulfilment of their dreams and purpose through mentoring, teaching, coaching, modelling and empowerment.

Our Strategy

Establishing fora for spiritual and physical empowerment, refuelling, rejuvenating and reclaiming self and relationship with God. Coaching, mentoring . . .

Our Goals

To offer training/spiritual guidance to prepare and support individuals to fulfil their life purpose . . .

Our Brand Essence

Our brand essence is - Impacting Lives Intentionally, this underpins all 5 pillars that define who we are. The emphasis being on the word "Intentionally"

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